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Maestro, Jazzy, & Buckeye
Maestro, Jazzy, & Buckeye

Pet & Home Services

REGULAR* MIDDAY** DOG WALKS for 20-30 minute per visit:
One Dog:    $14
Two Dogs:  $16
Three or more dogs:  Call for price quote
Visits over 30 minutes available upon request at $5 per each additional 20 minutes.
*"Regular" means 4 or more days each week on an on-going basis.
**"Midday" means 10am-3pm

PERIODIC MIDDAY DOG WALKS - Please call for price quote.

VACATION VISITS for 30-40 minute visits per visit:
1 Visit per Day:    $15
2 Visits per Day:  $30
3 Visits per Day:  $40
4 or more Visits per Day:  Call for price quote
Add $2 per visit for second dog.  Call for price quote for 3 or more dogs.
Visits over 40 minutes available upon request at $5 per each additional 20 minutes.
Vacation Visits are made between 8am and 10pm, 7 days a week.  (Vacation Visits outside of these hours are available upon request for an additional fee.)

While you're gone, your pet(s) will have the security and comfort of staying in their own home.
Please call for price quote.
Note:  Limited spots available for overnights.

Midday Dog Walks include:
Walking your dog(s) between 10am and 3pm (time of your choosing, if avaiable)
Inside or outside playtime instead of walks, at your request (e.g., if it's raining or your dog isn't up to a walk that day)
Your dog(s) will receive fresh water
Waste removal from kennel or lawn
Your dog(s) will receive brushing, if desired
We will arrange for emergency care, if necessary
We will leave you a note each day telling you what we did during our visit and any unusual things we noticed about your pet or your home.  

Vacation Visits include:
Daily visit(s) for your pets while you are away but have not booked us for an "Overnight Visit"
Pets will receive fresh water, food, and medication (if necessary) provided by owner.
Cleaning of litter box and/or waste removal from kennel or lawn.
Pets will receive brushing, playtime, and walks if desired.
We will arrange for emergency care, if necessary.
We will leave you a note telling you what we did during our visit and any unusual things we noticed about your pet or your home.  (Note: For emergencies or vacation visits, we will immediately use your phone to call you or a person you designate to report unusual things we notice.)
Security checks: At your request, we will turn lights/TV on and off and will open and close shades/draperies.
We will bring in your mail and newspapers, care for plants, set trash and recycling out.
We will refill your outdoor bird feeders.

Overnight Vacation Visits
Includes everything listed in "Vacation Visits." (We will provide these services when we stay overnight with your pet in your home instead of during the day.)
If you desire, you may also arrange for Midday Dog Walks while you are away at the regular Midday Dog Walk rates.

CATS - Please call for reduced rates for cat visits.


Please see our cancellation policy

(*Excluding Holiday Seasons)

Special Services

  Overnight Visits
Going out of town and want someone to be at your home with your pet overnight? We will ensure that all your pet's needs are met and that your pet has the comfort of knowing someone is at your home all night long.

  Horses, Rabbits, and Other Pets
We provide petsitting services for horses, rabbits, and other pets.  We love all animals!  Please contact us for details.

  Pet Taxi
We will transport you and your animal with door-to-door convenience. Do you and your pet need a ride to or from the groomer? the vet? the kennel? obedience school? (Sorry, trips to and from airports are no longer available.)

 In-Home Care During Convalescence
Have you or your pet recently had surgery? Are you ill or are you recuperating from an injury or sickness? These situations can make it difficult for you to take proper care of your pet. We will come to your home and take care of your pet's needs.

  E-mail updates
We will provide you with a daily e-mail update upon your request regarding your pet's disposition and activities while you are away.

  Potty Breaks Only
Working long days? Does your dog have frequent accidents? We'll stop in to give your dog a much-needed potty break.

  Referral Services
Considering adopting a pet?  New to the area and searching for a veterinarian? Call us - we'll help you find what you're looking for.

Rates available upon request

Request for Additional Information on Special Services:
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Gift certificates available upon request in any amount or for any service